Wednesday, March 28, 2007
Nashville Tour - CJ Vaughn and Highway 58
This week I am in Nashville for a conference for work. A few co-workers and I got into town Tuesday afternoon so we would not have to fly in early Wednesday for the conference. We were able to gather together and have dinner. We went to the famous WildHorse Saloon and I actually had a dinner first...I ate dinner while listening to a live band. Besides that, the steak I had was pretty good too.

I am not sure what we will be doing the next few evenings, but last night we traveled up and down Broadway to find a good blues band, and boy did we find one.

We stumbled upon a venue called The Place on South Second. When we walked by, there was a guy standing on the porch. We asked him if there was live music tonight and he told us that this band, CJ Vaughn and Highway 58, were playing. He said the lead guitarist/vocalist was an 18 year old kid that played the blues like no one else around. We figured, great, let's check it out and got a show that we would never forget.

Take some time to check out their myspace page and listen to their music, read about their influences, and see what they are all about. I found it interesting that some of their influences, and there are a great deal of them, were Rich Mullins and DC Talk along with Bach and the Eagles.


  posted at 1:55 AM

At 11:55 AM, Blogger gavin richardson said...

pretty cool, i'll have to look for this kid. though, we have some pretty talented youngsters in hendersonville that will be famous one day.

not sure what your conference has you doing and where. but if you want some local tour guide, i love to show some hospitality.

At 1:22 PM, Blogger JD said...

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At 1:48 PM, Blogger JD said...


I completely forgot you were in Nashville. I appreciate the invite. We are here with a user group meeting for a pipeline transaction management system that my company uses. They have us pretty packed for the rest of the week. If you could recommend one place to visit close to downtown that can be visited in a 2 hour window, let me know.

I will also update the post soon with a website to download some of CJ's stuff. They play again, either the 3rd or 8th at the Place again. Shows start at 8:30 with $5 cover. If you like blues, you will definately like these guys.


At 6:18 PM, Blogger JD said...


Double checked. The next show is Monday, April 2nd at The Place.



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