Tuesday, July 17, 2007
Holy Spirit - Unmovable
In taking the lead of Jason over at Post Methodist. I figured I would post a quote from a book I am reading entitled Living in the Power of the Holy Spirit by Charles F. Stanley.
"The Holy Spirit cannot be manipulated. You cannot make the Holy Spirit do anything. You cannot fill yourself with the Holy Spirit, no matter what formula or method or series of works you perform. You cannot govern the Holy Spirit. Neither can you eliminate the Holy Spirit from your life.

God imparts His Spirit to those who believe in Jesus Christ as their Savior. The work that the Holy Spirit does in our lives is His work, done at His initiative, motivated by His love and divine purpose for our lives. The Holy Spirit manifests Himself as He desires in our lives." (p. 6)
That explains a whole lot right their. As new Christians, and old ones struggling to find their way again, we have to realize that God will work in our live as He sees fit. He will motivate and touch us; mold us and fashion us, as a pottery molds and fashions clay. And if we have completely surrendered, His work will be fully realized within us, through us, and despite us.


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