Saturday, August 26, 2006
Conversation meme
Angela Messenger has tagged me with a conversation meme.

If you could meet and have a deep conversation with any five people on earth, living or dead, from any time period, who would they be?

Name five people from each of the following categories:
Those in the Process of Being Canonized
Heroes from your native country

Then, tag five people.

1. St. Paul – the true, “It ain’t all about the rules, if there is not love, and faith, it amounts for naught” guy.
2. St. Augustine – If he can go from being the heathen that he was, to one of the most well known Christian scholars, there is hope for me yet.
3. St. Marie Rose Durocher – I figured, since she is related to me, I would ask her about her real story.
4. St. Peter - first pope, knew Jesus, knew the Blessed Mother - I have so many questions! (copied from Angela Messenger, why mess with perfection)

Those in the process of being canonized (Since I am not Catholic, I have not kept up with this, but I have to go with the 2 obvious ones)

1. Blessed Mother Teresa – To hear how difficult, or not, it was to give everything up and truly follow Christ’s call, like the first 12 apostles.
2. Pope John Paul II – A man I admire for always, no matter what society said or how things have progressed, always reminded us that God does not and the Truth does not change.

Heroes from your native country

You go me on this one. There are not a lot of Frenchmen that I know of that I would want to talk to…well, would like to see Napoleon in person and see if he was really that short.


1. CS Lewis – If someone can go from being raised in the church, become an atheist, then through logic, become a Christian, and write one of the best series of books every written (Narnia Chronicles), I think he would have a lot to say.
2. St. Thomas Aquinas
3. John Steakly – How could someone with such a unique take on Sci-Fi write only 2 books?
4. Sharon Shinn – Another Sci-Fi author that takes ancient Jewish and Christian themes, names, etc. and brings in a Sci-Fi twist (Samaria Trilogy)
5. King Solomon – Did God’s gift of wisdom truly cause his outlook on things?
6. Frank E. Peretti - This Present Darkness and Piercing the Darkness...nuff said.

Since I am new to this, I am not going to tag anyone.

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