Wednesday, August 23, 2006
Conversations with Friends AKA Finding the Will AND the Way
**This posting is sort of out of order. I started it on the 14th of August, the night after I had these conversations, but just now finished it. The postings previous to this may make more sense now.**

I have always found it interesting that the Lord speaks to you at times that you least expect it. Whether it be in the conversations with friends and neighbors, or in a small, still voice calling you to say and do great things, the Lord speaks to us when we least expect it.

I did not think that my conversations and postings on another's blog would lead me down the road of discovery and conversations that I had this past Sunday (08/13/2006), but they did. They led me to entertain thoughts and ideas that I had not seen myself exploring a week ago.

It all started when I made some comments on a website about some individuals' reaction to a Christian video. The postings, like most comments from those that do not want to truly understand Christianity, were attacking and degrading. My comments stated a continued need for education. Christians really need to be able to defend their faith. I am not talking about doctrine and tradition, but a true understanding as to what the Christian faith is about. What does the Bible say and why does it say it this way? What was going on during the time this was written? How did these things completely change our understanding of the world around us, our chance for salvation, and a love from a creator beyond any other love that will ever be known?

It is this need for understanding that I feel the Lord has called me to at this time. He wants me to share some things that I am dealing with so that others may learn from those experiences, get a better understanding of their faith, and be encouraged to spread the Good News.

Sometimes, Christians are seen as passive about spreading their faith. They talk about it, but they don't really live it. Where as, other religions in the world not only seem to preach their message, but they practice it too, sometimes with dire consequences. I hope that any postings I create will encourage Christians to spread the gospel while compelling them with stories and bible based comments directed toward a complex understanding of our roles here on earth.

In these conversations with friends, I have found a glaring irony with evangelization:

As a new Christian, I am spirit filled and strive to spread the gospel and the joy I have recently received by allowing Christ to come into my heart and change me. I have started that personal relationship with Him that calls me to go out and spread the Good News, but there is a drawback. If I was not raised in the church or I have not really studied God's word, I am not always prepared to fend off the extreme criticism that comes toward Christians in today's world. I have the will, but not necessarily way to share my faith with others.

As an older Christian, I may not be as spirit filled as I was when I first converted to Christianity, but I have studied the Bible and I understand my faith. I can defend it and attempt to evangelize through the Good News. I have the way, but maybe not the will.

The struggle for all Christians is to so completely walk in the presence of God that you not only have the will, but you have the way. It has been a long while, but Christ has again given me the will to share the wondrous works of the Lord Jesus Christ. I also have been involved in church or a church school and done external studies, so I have more of a way than I used to.

I will say this, I am not the end all, be all when it comes to answers about Christianity. There are individuals that have studied Christianity and lived it their entire lives and they still have questions. I will quote Christian books I have read from various authors. I will definitely quote the bible (and use multiple translations). I will share from friends. My main hope, and I believe what God has called me to do, is to start discussions about Christianity, challenge people to look into themselves for something greater than themselves, and share all I can of the Good News about the Lord Jesus Christ.

Dear Heavenly Father, you have blessed us all with the knowledge of Your Son and the creation here on earth. You call each of us to you and grant us gifts and talents to be used for the raising up of Your kingdom. Lord, as You call me to share Your word and Your love, guide my heart and my mind that Your will be done and not mine. Lord You are the potter and I am the clay..Pleasee do with me as You will. In Your most holy name, Jesus Christ. Amen.

  posted at 3:03 PM

At 5:15 PM, Blogger Angela Messenger said...

How to lead others to Christ - meet them where THEY are.

Also, a lot of book learning, schooling etc does not mean one is a better evanglist - just that they might use bigger words. Simple is often better. Look at Mother Teresa! She spent at least one hour in front of the Blessed Sacrament every day just adoring Him and worshipping Him. He gave her the words, He gave her the strength.

At 11:00 PM, Blogger JD said...

I still believe there are 2 parts to it and it really depends on your you say, meet the where THEY are. There are times that individuals need the comfort that you can give through your understanding of the love the Christ offers us every day. There are other times that we really need to understand the scriptures to a.) correct fallacies and b.) to embolden the words and experiences that one may have as a child of Christ.

Christianity has a wonderful history as well as a spiritual side. All that was done, both in the Old and New Testament was done in an attempt for God's people to get closer to Him and He to get closer to His people. The history and stories make it much more interesting, real, and attainable.


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