Tuesday, March 28, 2006
The Lonely, Impatient Christian: Introduction
It has been a while since I have written something. One reason, lots of things going on with the family and work. The other reason, I wanted to get this right. God has been guiding my heart to this topic for a long time. The problem: I did not have all the scripture that I wanted to best express my understanding of the topic I will address. Then, the other night, while my wife and I were lying in bed, she stumbled across the exact quote that I had been looking for the past few weeks.

Before I go any further, with any of my postings, understand this: being a Christian, especially in today's world, comes with its struggles. I have met many Christians, like myself, that deal daily with temptations in their lives and struggle with them on a continued basis. One true blessing that I have received from the Lord no matter how many temptations that I have, I always believe, always know, that God is right there with me, not matter what I feel, what is going on, or what I hear. Especially no matter how many times I fall. There are other Christians that I know, that no matter the temptation, they can give it to God, and it is gone. No relapses; no continued struggles; but their struggle is much deeper. These Christians feel lonely. They feel that God is not there in there lives and that they will never hear His voice again. Even when they can visibly point out the blessings they have received from the Lord, they cannot feel His hand touching them and His voice guiding them. I feel this can be more devastating to a Christian's faith walk than any temptation that may come their way.

This is the first in a few posts that will address Christians' desire for the guiding hand of God in their lives. Hopefully, through some scripture discussions, I can give those that "feel" they don't have God's hand guiding them, hope.

  posted at 9:26 AM

Wednesday, March 15, 2006
I've Been Busy...
Sorry for the length between posts, but I have been very busy with work and at home. I am working on getting something else up soon. I continue to steer away from Ecclesiastes, not because it is not important, but because I have had something a little more important on my heart right now. So until then, enjoy this picture of my wife and daughter being silly late last year.

  posted at 3:37 PM

Monday, March 06, 2006
I Do What I Don't Want To Do..
I wanted to go in a different direction for a post, just because this thought process is something that has been weighing on me and pretty much weighs on almost every Christian I know. I will focus on Romans 7:15, but to get a full understanding of what Paul is writing about, check out the entire book of Romans, the biggest basis for most of the foundations for Christian teachings (second only to Christ). (ROMANS NIV at BibleGateway.com)

Romans 7:15 states, "I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do." (NIV)

As a Christian, I feel this way almost every day. I struggle with things in my life that aggravate me. I know, as a Christian, what I should and should not be doing. I know the things in my life that please the Lord and that allow me to nourish my relationship with Him. I understand the consequences for making the wrong choices and giving into the enemy's temptations. Knowing all this, what do I do? Well, just as Paul, what I hate to do.

Being a Christian in today's world is probably one of the most challenging things that you can do. I am not talking about "saying" I am a Christian, going to church now and then, and wearing a cross around your neck. I am talking about a Christian that is never afraid to talk about their faith; a Christian that sets an example in their life for others just by living and, ultimately using words, if necessary (Thanks St. Francis as shared by Pastor Burt). A Christian that is willing to challenge what they know is wrong in the world, but also struggles with the very things that they are challenging in this world.

I guess what I ultimately am trying to say is that Christians are human. We make mistakes like everyone else in this world, but because of our faith in Christ, we are called accountable to our choices and should be held to a higher standard than others that do not know Christ. I liken is to a young child. As my daughter gets older and learns right from wrong, I will have higher and higher expectations of her behavior.

The good thing...if I ask for forgiveness when I fall, I am forgiven each and every time. The Enemy (Satan) wants all of us to fail in our lives. When you become a Christian, he is even more adamant about your failures. He even uses good things in people's lives to tempt them to sin, i.e., he does not have a problem with you and your good looking neighbor going to church. What he wants to happen during this "good" thing is for the good looking neighbor to tempt you (by just being there) to have lustful thoughts and desires to have an affair. He has planted the seed to sin and at that time, we, as Christians, have to make a choice. ( I will stop now because this is a whole other topic.)

Lord, as I walk with you, I know that I struggle and fall. I know that I am weak. I know that when I try to follow You on my own, without your help, I will fail. Lord, always walk with me. Forgive me of my sins so that I can serve you free of guilt. Please do not take your Spirit from me, but let it live fully in me as it guides me to do your will. I ask this in Your Most Holy Name. Amen.

  posted at 2:49 PM

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